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@keatondunsford I tend to keep the app and backend sides as completely separate projects because they tend to share few things. Thus using re-natal or boot-react-native to create an app project and then use whichever Clojure web-app/api template takes your fancy for the backend.


For generating externs for google closure advanced compilation, I find an actually pretty old idea from, make some changes to the gist, now it works for some react native apps of mine.


Is there a work around for accessing refs with react native? I.e. I need to access a ref to use onRightButtonPress to push a component onto the NavigatorIOS component — but refs aren’t supported in Reagent


@acrognale I remember refs works for me in Reagent on RN, not in front of computer, will check it later.


@tiensonqin I actually ended up finding an example ( which was effectively what I was trying to do, guess I should’ve looked at more google results!


@acrognale Glad you find the solution.


@acrognale 👍 that's exactly what I use refs for