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@juhoteperi I think you are the most likely to know this - I have now updated the packages for vega, vega-lite, vega-embed and vega-tooltip. These are all versions in support of the final release 3 of vega and release 2 of vega-lite. Newer are now dev rc versions.


@U1NDXLDUG Could you perhaps know the answers to these? Thanks.


@juhoteperi before I commit, should I remove the target directories? Second, should I make four separate commits or all updates in one?


@U1NDXLDUG Dang, these were the actual questions...


@U06C63VL4 Yes, you should remove the target directories. And probably better for clarity to have separate commits.


@U1NDXLDUG Thanks for the answers! I will remove the target dirs and make the separate commits. Should these also be separate pull requests or a single with the multiple commits?


I guess a single PR is fine.


@U1NDXLDUG I think there is something I do not understand about what the deps in the build.boot files mean. I am getting the error org.sonatype.aether.transfer.ArtifactNotFoundException: Could not find artifact cljsjs:vega:jar:3.3.1-0 in clojars (), but that's because this 'commit' is supposed to build that (and the other new version) jars and deploy them there. So, I must have a kind of chicken/egg confusion about what the deps in the build files mean. I'm not a boot guy, so that may be a contributing factor...


@U1NDXLDUG I have a guess as to what this problem is. If there are dependencies as: vega <- vega-lite, vega <- vega-embed, vega-lite <- vega-embed, and vega <- vega-tooltip, then it looks like the integration tests require that vega (3.3.1) needs to be literally deployed to clojars before any of the rest have a chance to pass, and that vega-lite also needs to be deployed to clojars before vega-embed has any chance to pass. Such deployment appears to happen on successful PR resolution. So, it looks like these cannot be done with a single PR. There needs to be one for vega first, then one for vega-lite next, then one for vega-embed after that. While vega-tooltip could also be done after vega, probably best as a final PR. Does this make sense?


Yes, you're right, sounds good. I didn't realize that there's the chain of dependencies for the libraries.


@U1NDXLDUG OK, it looks like we are on the right track - vega PR passed all checks. Does a 'blessed' maintainer need to now close the pull or do I close it and then a blessed maintainer merges and that is when clojars will be updated. I don't want to start adding vega-lite until I know this vega is totally completed as it will fail. Thanks for any info - thanks for patience - this is the first time I'm doing this...


Do not close it, a maintainer will merge it. I don’t have time today anymore, but I’ll check it tomorrow.


✔️ Thanks!