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hi guys, before I open an issue on github I thought about asking here first…the auto-complete menu seems to be a bit bugged for me, let’s say I input (map and get all available options with this prefix and I try to “scroll” through the options I can use C-j to go down, but whenever I press C-k to go up, it selects the currently highlighted option and inserts a ? . C-n and C-p do not work either to scroll through the options. Whenever I use C-n to scroll through the options I get the following log in the *Messages* buffer:

user-error: No dynamic expansion for 'map' foundInvalid face attribute :extend t
I’m on MacOS currently but I have the same issue on Windows as well. I’m using ivy-mode and company-mode as well in case that’s relevant…not sure if anyone had a similar issue


I’m currently using my own version of Emacs, however, I had a similar buggy auto-completion when I previously used doom emacs


Arrow keys are the only option to correctly navigate through the auto-completion menu. Furthermore, this is only an issue when working with Clojure. For other languages and their auto-completion menus it works properly


I’m not sure how to debug it properly since I can’t e.g. use C-h k and then check which command is being executed with C-n or C-p since it then immediately closes the auto-completion menu


@christian.paling I do not experience an error when trying to replicate the issue you are experiencing, the C-j and C-k keys work fine when working with Clojure. I am using CIDER 1.0.0snapshot (package: <tel:202009301242|20200930.1242>) with GNU Emacs 27.1 (build 1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.20, cairo version 1.16.0) of 2020-09-19, running on Ubuntu Linux 20.04. Helm is used as the completion framework and am using Spacemacs develop as the Emacs configuration.


I have CIDER 1.0.0snapshot (package: 20201024.833) with Emacs 26.3


Is there any way to debug this issue ?


Just tried it out on Spacemacs and it works there for me as well. However, the completion is quite different there.