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Um, I'm getting this error message in several projects I haven't run for a little while:

‘cider-jack-in’ requires the nREPL op "classpath" (provided by cider-nrepl)
Both clojure and clojurescript projects are showing similar messages. I did just do updates to cider and lein in an attempt to fix another entirely different problem, but otherwise these are all projects that were working fine about 6 weeks ago. Any idea what might have changed?


please ignore me, looks like deleting .m2/repository/cider fixed it...


in cider, it shows the current buffer clj file name on the bar above the minibuffer (what’s taht called in emacs?) is there a way for it to instead show the whole ns name ?

Michael Griffiths21:02:31

That’s called the mode line


I can’t think of what to call these things to try to track that one down


@cichli knowing that term is helpful to communicate about this - thanks for that one

Michael Griffiths21:02:08

No problem – as always the emacs terminology is non-obvious in this case

Michael Griffiths21:02:12

I’m not sure the best way to customise the buffer name, but you could set cider-mode-line to include the current namespace if it’s available


ah, will take a look

Christian Romney23:02:45

does anyone know if there’s a clj-refactor / refactor-nrepl WIP to work with nrepl 0.6.0?


C:\dev\example>lein repl
Retrieving cider/piggieback/0.3.10/piggieback-0.3.10.pom from clojars
Retrieving cider/piggieback/0.3.10/piggieback-0.3.10.jar from clojars
Error loading cider.piggieback: Syntax error compiling at (cider/piggieback.clj:190:3).
Exception in thread "main" Syntax error compiling var at (C:\Users\smw\AppData\Local\Temp\form-init2045160268932467125.clj:1:2987).
anyone know offhand what this might be about?