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So, (jar) takes a really long time. It's spending most of its time copying files within the patch! fn from boot.filesystem I have very little knowledge about the build process, but am I right in thinking that if I'm not doing an incremental build, there's no need to copy over everything? I'm mainly just doing a single build, then sifting out everything but the jar.


Created an issue about slow uberjar builds. Can someone else test w/ a new luminus project? I'm seeing: lein: 45s boot: 4min 30s


I'm still a novice at using boot and am having trouble doing what seems like would be an easy task. I'm trying to get my cljs source files (such as cljs/spec/alpha.cljs) included as static assets so I can serve them up. It seems like my server is serving files from a boot tmp directory that I can't see. Is there any way to view what's in those temp directories? If so, I'm hoping I'll be able to change the compiler :output-dir to place them in assets. More generally, does anyone have any tips on how to debug boot tasks?


so, the install task doesn’t “just work” with uber jars, because there ends up being multiple pom.xml files in the file set


is there a simple way to fix this?


never mind, apparently I didn’t read boot install --help closely enough


In case anyone wants to play with Kotlin (via Boot):


(very bare bones right now)