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Hi @kslvsunil , it would be helpful if you can share some details about yourself (ex: experience level, experience area, etc) so that people can decide to reach out to you 🙂

Sunil KS18:08:05

Hi @amarjeet, thanks for the reply. I just completed my post graduation in Mathematical Logic where delved into Functional programming in Haskell.

Sunil KS18:08:36

Before that I worked for Credit Suisse for 2.5 years as a software engineer

Sunil KS18:08:44

At Credit Suisse, I mostly focussed on front-end React

Sunil KS18:08:02

I did my B. Tech in NIT Trichy

Sunil KS18:08:16

Apologies all, I don't to make this is a job-search channel, maybe we could have a Clojure jobs india channel, but the number on this channel itself is a handful

Sunil KS18:08:14

I'm hooked to FP because of multiple reasons and fascinated by Lisp because of macros, and hence learning Clojure was a natural calling