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I'm (finally) considering removing the default printing behavior from babashka when not invoking -e , so when invoking a main method, or -x function, etc there will be nothing printed even if the last value isn't nil. Reason being that such functions sometimes print a report to the console and having the result printed to stdout messes with the result. I noticed that with the carve! example above. Having the final result printed can be avoided by returning nil but it's not what people are used to from Clojure. I will keep the printing behavior when people provide bb --prn -x ... , so the explicit --prn argument. This will be a slightly breaking change (sad), but if printing was that important, I think you should have used explicit prn or println . I've logged this as issue - feel free to comment there if you have thoughts.

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Good choice, makes bb more accessible to newcomers. I hope this doesn't break too many existing consumers (I know I never relied in implicit printing)


The first breaking change with the new print behavior.


Sucks. Interface design is hard


Nice that you had some forward compatibility (--prn was a no-op before)


I guess that's a hickeyan principle as well - prefer open systems (open maps)


Or maybe Postel's law


Indeed, open command line args saved the day here


Invoker of MyBatis migrations a file based native sql migrator from old glorious java time that really works. No ORM, just your jdbc driver which the script downloads and your awesome sql commands

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borkdude20:01:25 already runs with the --dev-build installable via:

bash <(curl ) --dev-build --dir /tmp