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@borkdude seems to work as expected and should be in a good state i think. But, we have required checks which are not generated on the shorted config, hence the merge status is red. Any suggestions on that?


Also decided to inline the check logic as most of the script is bb specific


also im seeing this, yet things seem to work fine


Nice! > But, we have required checks which are not generated on the shorted config Hmm, maybe discuss that issue with the circleci folks, since he/they suggested that we use this dynamic config? Not a big deal probably, just a nice to have. About the refill: no idea, let's ignore :)


well we could generate stubbed configs for the required checks to keep GH happy. this seems to be a more github side issue than circle?


or would it be too bad to disable the required checks? we can make sure of it before merging?


not sure, we can do that later I guess


@rahul080327 in the linux build, there is the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET: 10.13 env var. It probably doesn't hurt, but just looks weird :)


I don't see the BABASHKA_STATIC env var in the aarch64 static build


yeah about the extra var, thought to leave it out to have lesser conditional workarounds in the code, that part looks more weird than the generated conf 😛


> I don't see the BABASHKA_STATIC env var will do a more thorough check along with this


also maybe having this in the .circleci/script is better


ah yes, looks good now I think. I'll go over it one more time in the coming week, but I think you nailed it this time, thanks Agata and Rahul


we'll figure out a solution to the gh required status by tomorrow evening