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Drew Verlee16:10:13

does anyone have some aws-api code that will delete a bucket and all its objects? apparently aws doesn't believe i would ever want to do such a thing and requires this to be several steps.

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you need to combine ListObjectsV2 with DeleteVersion and/or DeleteObject - there's no single API call that nukes a bucket and its contents

Drew Verlee16:10:24

And then delete bucket. Yeah thats what i figured, it really feels like aws doesn't use there own api's. A file system where you cant delete a folder? That's unheard of.


because it's not a file system :-)

Drew Verlee16:10:06

Sure, but the fact remains, it's forcing it's users to jump through hopes for reasons i can't fathom.


It's because of customer support: if there was a DeleteBucketAndEverything API call, there's no way to recover, at least with object versioning (if it's enabled!) you have a chance to get your data back somehow. Source: I deleted customer data way too many times I'm caring to admit and had to build DR features into many products

Drew Verlee16:10:51

Thanks, yeah. I guess I see why they would think that, even if i fundementally disagree that adding steps makes things more secure. Where do you draw the line? What if you had to call aws and talk to a s3 supervisor to delete your bucket? Sure less buckets would get deleted, but at what cost?


You can't actually, I have a 2TB bucket that needs to go and support told me to do it myself, carefully

Drew Verlee16:10:58

can't what? call support? I was suggesting it would be a huge time sink if you had to call support, not that i wanted to.


sorry, what I meant was that I requested that from support (my co had/has a paid support tier) and they do not perform data deletion requests on your behalf - at least they didn't in my case

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depending on how big the bucket is ive seen creating a lifecycle policy of deletion after 0 daysand attaching to all objects is nicer. we had 3 ~550TB buckets, that did it much better than any direct api calls

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ah yeah, at bigger scales you can't use the API for deletions


If anyone’s wondering, that took about 2 days to delete 😅

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Somewhat related: a technique for speeding up list object calls

Dimitar Uzunov06:10:58

You can shell out to this: There is a --force option that deletes bucket contents

Dimitar Uzunov06:10:18

you may need to implement retries if you have lots of items in a bucket, I remember running this a more than once on a bucket

Dimitar Uzunov06:10:07

( "aws" "s3" "rb" (str "s3://" bucket-name) "--force")

Dimitar Uzunov06:10:15

you must have the aws cli installed though