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Updated clojure ring adapter for nima (alpha6) is out:

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ClojureStorm: Omniscient time travel debugging for Clojure I'm pretty excited to share the release of FlowStorm 3.4 together with the first release of ClojureStorm 1.11.1 ! ClojureStorm is a Clojure compiler only meant to be used at dev time, which provides automatic debugging instrumentation. It is a patch on top of the official Clojure compiler that extends it so it emits instrumented bytecode, removing much of the need for manual instrumentation. I'm just releasing a version for Clojure 1.11.1, the current stable release, and one for 1.12.0-alpha2 people trying the latest alpha2 stuff. If you want to try it now, here is a one liner :

clj -Sdeps '{:deps {} :aliases {:dev {:classpath-overrides {org.clojure/clojure nil} :extra-deps {com.github.jpmonettas/clojure {:mvn/version "1.11.1-1"} com.github.jpmonettas/flow-storm-dbg {:mvn/version "3.4.0"}} :jvm-opts ["-Dclojure.storm.traceEnable=true" "-Dclojure.storm.instrumentEnable=true" "-Dclojure.storm.instrumentOnlyPrefixes=user"]}}}' -A:dev
after the repl comes up just evaluate the keyword :tut/basics to lunch a in-repl tutorial that will guide you through the basics (it takes like 15 minutes). I'm super interested in any kind of feedback, and of course if you have any questions show up in #flow-storm! Repo : Users guide : Cheers!

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One tiny thing about the docs - in, the new method that you describe above is listed after the old method. People that like to follow docs while repeating the steps themselves will then try the vanilla method first, even though the new one seems like a much better fit for an interactive hands-on approach.


you are right! will change that, thanks!

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Just released com.github.jpmonettas/clojure {:mvn/version "1.12.0-alpha2"} for the people also experimenting with the new stuff in alpha2. Please, if you are testing this and you find any bugs in the compiler don't forget to try it first on the official Clojure compiler before reporting it to the Clojure team!


Clojurists Together has a call for proposals for our next round: We want to fund you to work on your open source Clojure project! clojurists-together

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borkdude17:04:13 turn Clojure functions into CLIs! v0.7.51 (2023-04-17) • Support combined short options: -abc => {:a true :b true :c true} Support --no- prefix for negative flags: --no-colors => {:colors false} Last update here was in December. Check 🧵 for other changelogs since then.

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v0.6.50 (2023-03-18) • Improve auto-coerce: coerce "nil" to nil ( v0.6.49 (2023-03-10) • Improve auto-coerce for keywords ( v0.6.48 (2023-03-07) • Make babashka.exec compatible with clojure CLI v0.6.46 (2023-02-19) • implicit true should not be transformed to string value v0.6.45 (2023-01-27) • Preserve exception cause in coercion for better error messages v0.6.44 (2023-01-18) • :exec-args should be replaced, not merged v0.6.43 (2023-01-13) • Last keyword option not parsed when previous value is implicit boolean