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Put together a small library for creating plugins. Hope someone else also has a use for it:

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Plugins for what? 😉 You might want to edit your README and also your OP above to clarify that — after reading both, I still don’t know what your lib is for. I’ve done that myself, so I thought I should let you know 😉


Hmm, good point. It's meant for third party jars to plugin to an already existing system. Does that make more sense?


Maybe? — I can imagine something it might mean, but I’m not sure. What sort of already existing system? Like a Clojure project? Or is this about loading jars at runtime? Maybe an example use case would help.


Anything really. But I think I'll add support for loading jars at runtime

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)16:07:27

So editor plug-ins, pluggable transformations to config-driven transf. systém etc I guess?


Yes. Or a CMS, CRM, etc that wish to load plugins dynamically.

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