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I just got home from Linux Conf Au, so here's the video to my Alda presentation ...


Running the website from github pages is cool, that's what I do for some of my other projects. Works well.


@yjmbo: awesome! can't wait to watch it


BTW, on the subject of, it will probably be a while before i have time to work much on it -- if anyone here has the itch to whip up a basic landing page, i wouldn't turn down a pull request!


@yjmbo: just watched your talk -- amazing job, i thoroughly enjoyed it!


i think you did a great job of pointing out the current pain points of using alda, while also really selling its strengths


hope you don't mind if i share your talk on twitter simple_smile


on another note, jim, i think you described alda's features much better than i've ever done! i'm taking notes here :pencil:


i'm giving a 40 min talk at clojure remote this week, as well as a 5-10 min lightning talk at a local open source meetup in a few weeks, so being able to watch someone else explain alda (and do a great job of it) is super helpful for me preparation-wise