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Srikanth Seshadri06:01:05

I have basic question about yada

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:10

(yada/resource {:produces {:media-type "text/plain"}
                  :consumes {:media-type "text/plain"}
                  :methods  {:post
                             {:response (fn [ctx] (:body ctx))}}})

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:25

i would like to consume a message of any type…

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:46

its a opaque packet for me…

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:49

so i do not want to list all the possible types…

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:39

really i want to say consumes :media-type "*/*"

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:04

but the process request body does a contains match

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:48

which results in an “Unsupported Media Type” error

Srikanth Seshadri06:01:04

any suggestions on whats wrong with my approach


One approach is to remove that interceptor