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Hello All, I have a question on recommended way of using yada. I know there is a edge repository, but I am little confused on the overall project structure. How does the overall project structure look like. Appreciate if any one points me to open example which is based on edge


our pentest contractors just logged an XSS vulnerability relating to yada error messages - when a request fails parameter validation and an HTML 400 response is generated, the failing parameters are included without quoting - PR welcome @malcolmsparks @dominicm?


You could disable stacks in production


probably a good idea in the short-term - how do i do that ?


do i have to provide a :responses map for every handler, or is there a global switch somewhere ?


there's a flag that can go on every resource, but you'll need to postwalk to do it


I've forgotten the name of the flag, has "stack" in I think