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I wouldn't expect that. Are you using a subresource?


Nope, I can reproduce this in a handler off the root of my routes:

       {:id      :test
        :methods {:get
                  {:produces "text/html"
                   :response (fn [ctx]
                                  [:pre (with-out-str
                                          (pprint/pprint ctx))]]))}}})]


Thanks. Let me investigate


My project is based on edge if that's helpful


Is there a way to log requests as they are received, before any logic is applied to them? I'm trying to create an interface against a client where I don't have a clear idea of the spec. I'm getting a 415 Unsupported Media Type response when I try to upload a file with the client, but I don't know what media type is being sent, and the request is aborted by Yada before it gets to my handler.


I tried turning the logging right down to TRACE, but I still couldn't see anything