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I've finally got my app running from a jar, but I've been pulling my hair out on the deployment now. I used the config file that came with Edge and also most of the startup code, but when I run it locally everything works, but as soon as I put it on a server and connect to it, I just get a screen saying 'Not Found' and the host name - anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Look at the resources/config.edn file. Set up the :prod profile according to your hostnames


@malcolmsparks I'm starting to think it might be something on the server end as the prod details contain the correct hostname and I used the same port number. The message only appears if I run the jar, so something is happening


What's the port number? Are you using nginx?


Host should include port if not 80/443. E.g.


404 indicates the host/port isn'


I was using port 3080, but not including it in the host name. I'll try adding it


Great. The Host header in HTTP has the same semantics. But we'd better document that part better. Edge dev and deployment is going to see some nice improvements soon.


@grav did you ever figure out trailing slashes with Yada/bidi?


@danielcompton I ended up solving it with nginx. It’s a one-liner there, and it keeps the api cleaner in a sense. Something like rewrite ^/(.+)/$ /$1 permanent;


I was printing out the ctx map in my handler and noticed that the :known-methods methods seem to create a new instance every time I reload the page. Is this a correct reading?


and is it necessary to create new ones for every request? I'm guessing it is, but just wanted to check