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Hi, I've finally got around to learning Yada, as I'm about to start working on a pretty big web application, and decided I should start it with something more robust than composure as there are likely to be at least hundreds of concurrent users firing off api requests, and I'm going to need to restrict some areas based on user permissions. I've spent the weekend reading the Yada manual and I think I have a handle on it, but was wondering if anyone can recommend any online tutorials - I did start going through edge, but I'm used to having a project.clj, so got a bit lost. Something that starts with a blank sheet would be good - I'm trying to learn it at the moment by rewriting all my routes in an existing project. Thanks Ben


@geek-draven did you read build.boot much? The set-env! should feel familiar coming from lein.


@dominicm I haven't used boot before, I had a quick look at the docs when I installed it to build edge. I use lein uberjar to build my projects


@geek-draven for the most part, it's the same, especially if you don't need to tweak anything. The build.boot in edge is a bit of a labour of love and has grown to have many handy but largely unnecessary features in. You can get by simply using boot dev and boot uberjar. Adding new deps can be done in the set-env! which is exactly like the one from leiningen.


@dominicm Thanks, I'll take another look at it


Is there a way to make the request body optional? I'm getting tripped up by this line: It seems if {:parameters {:body ...}} is set to anything then the body is always expected. If I don't set {:parameters {:body ...}} then it's not being parsed at all.