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I've just been asked by a security team to remove Swagger from our API. I'm not quite sure what to replace yada/swaggered by, in the snippet below:

(routes [_]
  ["" [[base-url (yada/swaggered
                          (:routes api)
                          {:info     {:title       "API"
                                      :version     "1.0"
                                      :description "SWARM Implementation"}
                          :basePath base-url})]]])
I have tried a couple of options, like yada/handler and yada/resource but my understanding of yada is still very limited, so I don't know what I'm doing. Any pointers?


Also tried yada/routes


@naartjie have you tried removing the yada/swaggered form entirely, leaving just the routes it wraps (:routes api)


but why would your security people want you to remove swagger @naartjie ? all it does is call your api - the only additional security you get from removing swagger is security through obscurity, and that is certainly crappy security


@mccraigmccraig yup, i've tried this way:

["" [[base-url (:routes api)]]]
returns 500 with :`java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :match-pattern of protocol: #'bidi.bidi/Pattern found for class: nil`


@naartjie that's basically what you want to do - have a look at the structure of (:routes app) and make it conform to what bidi needs... i often have trouble with bidi syntax fwiw


> only additional security you get from removing swagger is security through obscurity, and that is certainly crappy security @mccraigmccraig totally agree with you. I've been asked to remove it, and I don't want to fight it, it's not worth my wasted time.


@naartjie you can remove the swaggered wrapping. See the yada docs at and apply the swaggered instructions in reverse


@mccraigmccraig you were right, something is wrong with my routes, if I do ["/" (yada/yada "Hello, World")] it works. Weird that it was working with swagger.


If you ever need to 'convert' routes to a single route, wrap in ["" routes ]


Not the best design


@malcolmsparks yeah, it's fine once i go and read the docs... but then i only make incremental changes for a while and when i next have to make more substantial changes i've forgotten everything again


thanks @malcolmsparks, what tripped me up was ["" routes] not working, but I should have tried the most basic case first


@malcolmsparks could you expand a bit, how do you mean convert to a single route? i.e. if routes is something like [["/" index] ["/api" api]] then wrapping it in ["" routes]? I'm just a bit confused as to what that would give you.


In the response of a multi-param, the :bytes param contains "#object[[B 0x5f7d0ec4 [B@5f7d0ec4]" which is created with (byte-streams/convert coll (class (byte-array 0))). How can I access the data in it, and how could I save this to disk?


you could do (spit “data” (into [] (byte-array 10) ))


@zamaterian no this didn't work. It saves [12 123 314 ...] to the file.


@naartjie yes, [["/" index] ["/api" api]] isn't a valid bidi route - but ["" [["/" index] ["/api" api]]] is


I got it to work eventually, it was a problem with my route structure.


@naartjie take a look at bidi verbose -- i find it a more pleasant interface to my route structures


How would I use it? Is it a package?


No it's part of the core package, the bidi.verbose namespace


Not many people know about it, actually -- and I hear many people find bidi's terse syntax difficult to deal with.