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@malcolmsparks i haven't been keeping abreast of this channel - what's on the roadmap for 1.2 ?


@malcolmsparks do you mind cutting a 2.0.13 for bidi with the vhosts wildcard feature?


@mccraigmccraig I'll be giving a yada talk in Minsk in December with more details, but the current plan for 1.2 is adoption of clojure.spec, reactive negotiation, partials, range requests and better support for 503 and 408


I'm also thinking about better method semantics so you less often have to reach for (:response ctx)


Overall, 1.2 will be evolutionary but it will break compatibility with existing resource maps because of the use of namespaced keys. I expect I'll need to include a function that will provide compat support with yada 1.1


I feel clojure.spec might offer some novel approaches to testing and reduce errors in using yada


It would be neat to get a misspelled key detection from spec (figwheel does this)


i guess i'm going to be moving all my schema-checking and coercion over to clojure.spec soon then @malcolmsparks !


great @malcolmsparks! Looking forward to clojure.spec and all the fun stuff with it, and well... the other stuff planned for 1.2 (shouldn't it be 2.0, since it'll break compatibility?)