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@malcolmsparks: Great ! I will probably go with yada now as it supports sse/ws/cors (core requirements, the general idea seems adapted, and ... it is the freshest in my mind). I made other attempts, pedestal came close (sse/cors/transit/interceptors/fast router out of the box, pedestal-swagger lib...), but it did not support testing with async interceptors and websockets, otherwise I would probably have sticked with it (I like the interceptor composition). Minor inconvenients : no manifold support, takes some time to reload as a component (not meant to use it like that, there is a reload middleware). In yada, I like : cors/sse/ws/swagger/fast reload/manifold support/transit(there is a PR)/general idea. Basically I missed some docs a bit, the chat example was very helpful, though I was a bit thrown off by it (ie. many functions that return a constant, I still do not wrap my head around juxt/modular but that is probably me). Regarding the docs, catacumba looks exemplar (, though I haven't played with it (not sure I will have time, and not sure about it's extensibility).


yada's been through a bit of a migration from 1.0 (chat example) and 1.1 - I have a todo item to migrate the chat example to the new code-base - just be warned things are in a bit of flux right now


That' alright simple_smile Thanks for doing this simple_smile