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I think a better place for this questions would be!forum/yada-discuss but I'll try to answer here


1. a core.async put! will return false if the channel is closed ─ but I need to test this to see if you can use it for knowing when the SSE connection is closed ─ I think it should work


2. yada does have interceptor chains like pedestal. Currently there is no built-in security, you have to add your own interceptor into the chain - right now this is done by mutating the resource map that you build up before passing it to yada to get the handler


3. testing is done in much the same way as any http service, look at yada's own tests for ideas


4. not sure, that looks like a bug, try (println (into {} ctx)) - does that work? A yada context is a record that is similar to a regular map


I have retrospectively labelled the -9 release 1.0.0, and released 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT. See yada's README for details. Given the API changes since -9 I thought it was better to have a new series, and support those on -9 - it has held up surprisingly well bar a few issues


Thanks I will digest what you said. And thanks for the pointers.


Is there an example of mutating the resource map somewhere ?