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My reading is that yada should support a 404 for POSTs, but what do you think the API should be?


The yada design for methods is that there is some proxy for each method that basically implements the semantics. For GETs, if the user's method returns nil, yada interprets this as a 404


But for POSTs, I'm not sure this is sensible, because POSTs don't usually return bodies, so nil shouldn't be the trigger for a 404 here.


My interpretation is that /:some/logic is actually disguising the fact there are multiple resources in play here, and that there should be something between the request routing which dispatches to the yada handler, if :some is a particular value, or otherwise returns a 404.


So it's not the yada POST which should return 404, but something between bidi and yada (a proxy if you will)


It's hard to advise without knowing more about @stjin use-case - perhaps you can expand a bit more and explain what you're trying to do


Again, sorry for the delayed responses these past few days, busy with client work