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Is there a way to get the transaction history for an entity, for cases where the valid time is overlapping (or even the same) (`entity-history` works when the valid times are distinct)?


I suppose I can open the tx-log and "manually" find all occurrences of the given eid


There's a with-corrections? option for this (if I understand correctly) - did you take a look at that already?


Ah, no. I didn't understand what corrections meant, so didn't see that as relevant. Thanks!

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The return values of a query is always a PersistentHashSet ?


Hi @UCE6QCEQP that's correct, since Datalog always works in terms of sets of result tuples (even if there's only one result tuple). Were you expecting something different?


Hey @U899JBRPF! I understand reading the docs that the return values was a list.

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Ah, so perhaps that definition is a bit too simplistic then - it could possibly say instead: > The find clause of a query specifies the bound values to be returned in the query result tuples. Tuples are represented as lists. The query result is a deduplicated set of tuples, unless :limit or :order-by is specified, or open-q is used, in which case the query result is a sequence of tuples.


MUUUUCH better! thanks!

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