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I am getting started with Site - (Still Crux as far as I can tell) I get the following Error: Execution error (IndexVersionOutOfSyncException) at crux.kv.index-store/check-and-store-index-version (index_store.clj:347). Index version on disk: 17 does not match index version of code: 18 I think that I either just need to nuke the index and let it rebuild or else reset the index but I’m not sure how to do it


You're right about nuking the index. In the default RocksDB setup, the directory is named idxs


Look in your .config/site/config.edn to confirm where that directory is located on your system


Just delete it and restart Site. The idxs will reappear, but could take a few minutes before every resource is available to give it some time. I sometimes watch the output of du -sh idxs to know when they're back.