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Hi there, is there a way with the pull syntax to tell the datalog engine to get back only one result? Some Eql is supported on properties/joins and I was wondering if that could be applied to the "root" result as well I know I can do a ffirst but I guess having in the query would make it easier to read


Hey! For the root, you mean like DataScript's :find ?e . ? Crux doesn't support that currently (it's just sugar), so you will have to stick with ffirst There was a discussion recently about cardinalities in the pull joins that is probably of interest - but Crux's pull only helps with the reverse lookup case


We did consider something here recently - but it's unlikely to become a priority any time soon. PRs are welcome though, of course :)


yeah I think Datascript feature is what I had in mind


ok thanks I'll follow the issues and use ffirst for now

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