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Aleksander Rendtslev20:03:10

I think I’ve managed to create a scenario where I’ve written some data to crux that I can’t read? (and therefore I can’t get the ID’s of the broken data and delete them:

(repo/q *node*
    '{:find  [?el]
      :where [[?el :entry/id ?id]]})
Results in:
; Execution error (ClassCastException) at taoensso.nippy/read-kvs-into$fn (nippy.clj:1439).
; Default comparator requires nil, Number, or Comparable: {:id-key :entry/id, :map? false
The query works for all other data types. And it works if I narrow it down (to a specific user for instant). Which leads me top believe it’s a single doc in there


Hey @U01DH13SK8E, sorry to hear you're having trouble. Could you post a longer stack trace so that we can see where that's coming from within Crux? If you know roughly what's in the document, that'd be very useful too - if you'd rather not share it publicly, you might also email it to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Cheers!

Aleksander Rendtslev21:03:25

I’ll try to get that to you later today. I’m still in development, so I’m glad I’m hitting these different edge cases now. So nothing is critical at this time