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I think this is a short version of the query timeout bug I'm hitting, my guess this is an eql/project issue

   {:crux.db/id :a
    :a/ref :b}]
   {:crux.db/id :b}]])

(crux/q (crux/db node)
        '{:find [(eql/project ?a [* {:a/ref
                                      {:b/not-yet-added-attr [*]}]}])] ;;comment this attribute out for no timeout, works with in-mem db, not with kafka/rocksdb.
          [[?a :a/ref ?b]]
          :args [{?a :a}]})


Thanks again for trying to pin it down 🙂 it's definitely something to do with your doc-store configuration. I think what you're observing is that any queries which require hitting the doc-store via a local cache (i.e. anything using eql/project or large values that aren't fully covered by the index) are blocking indefinitely due to some kind of connectivity issue.


Alright, it's happening on both the cloud machine and my local macOS machine, not sure if that matters. But note that the short example only includes two entities! So it's not a connectivity issue in the sense that it keeps going back and forth with high latency or so.


it seems like if you try a join on an attribute that doesn't exist this happens.