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Just re-watched the re:Clojure crux part, since I could not watch it in full live. Are there any plans to add subscriptions for the GraphQL api?


A low-effort subscriptions feature (i.e. not a 3df-like / incremental dataflow implementation) is definitely on the cards in the near-term (perhaps Q1 and orthogonal to GraphQL initially). Along on the lines of: What's your domain? Are you thinking for pushing updates to frontend clients?


Don't really have a domain. Things I did on GraphQL subscriptions is more like research. But they are hairy. And for event sourcing I do need something streaming. Which is currently solved by directly using Kafka.

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I imagine the crux 3df stuff would be a prerequisite to that, but that would be cool.


btw, this http endpoint only talks about a "kafka consumer" but seems to work for jdbc as well. Seems like a very handy way to do a healthcheck to know when the container is ready for traffic

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