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Is there an end-to-end tutorial out there for setting up the crux database infrastructure, e.g. an S3 bucket and a Cloud based Kafka instance? Or is the expectation that users already know (or separately figure out) how to do that?


Hi @U0105JJK1L3 we have a "soak" example in the repo which uses Confluent Cloud for the tx-log + doc-store, Rocks for indexes, and stores index checkpoints in S3: Switching the doc-store in that config to S3 shouldn't be too hard. Unfortunately we don't have an end-to-end tutorial written up for it. The Confluent Cloud blog post linked above is a bit out of date now (mainly due to changes in how Crux's config is defined) but is due for a refresh soon. Do you think a write-up of that soak example (w/ S3 as the doc-store) would tick all your boxes?


@U899JBRPF I was just typing out that an example expanded out to include S3/Kafka/Rocks would absolutely be what I was looking for, thanks! And the soak example will be helpful in the interim


Excellent. I will see if I can rustle up something new for the forthcoming blog section this week 🙂

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