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Could crux be used as replacement for influxdb?


Hi, unfortunately it's probably not going to be a suitable replacement for the time being. InfluxDB uses all kinds of columnar compression & storage techniques, with various aggregation utilities. You've reminded me though that it's worth an FAQ entry for the difference between a timeseries db and a temporal db 🙂


Well I'm quite new to all this 😉. I'm trying to figure out where crux fits in. Is there a use case for small/hobbiest projects? Or is it more geared towards business and advanced applications?


I can sympathise! And time is very confusing... Crux is definitely good for hobby things. We have quite a few small internal apps running on it. It's pretty simple and reliable. I would recommend RocksDB + Postgres, or RocksDB + SQLite if you really don't want have to set up Postgres for "fun" 🙂


@U899JBRPF so you would recommend SQLite over RocksDB for a single node Crux setup?


@U8ZN5EHGU I mean SQLite for the event-log (specifically). Using RocksDB for the event-log as well as the main kv store is a good choice too, but I suspect many people would consider it more opaque


Yes, event-log was also what I had in mind :) less technologies involved seems like a good thing to me. Guess the operational characteristics are something that needs to be observed in the real world to tell what scenarios plays to the strengths of different setups.

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