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Hi @taylor.jeremydavid, just had a browse on and this is how the diagrams render in the latest Firefox on macOS. Specifically from this heading: but really all the diagrams look like that in Firefox. In Chrome, they render fine.

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Wow, thanks for reporting this. I have no idea what the cause might be yet...but Plan B is to export everything as .png (currently all the SVGs used around the docs are simply saved Inkscape files)


They look fine in my macos Firefox and Cliqz (firefox based)

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I’m on Firefox 72.0.1. Just tried it and the issue is there. I’ve checked the add blockers, but nothing is being blocked. I have Privacy Badger addon, disabled it and the rendering is as per the image above, all mangled.


I’m also on 72.0.1 and it’s rendering perfect


OK, I guess it’s just my setup, please disregard


I've not been able to reproduce this either - perhaps it is a compatibility issue with your installed fonts. I will have a think about alternative formats in any case