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hey people. I couldn’t find the information in the documentation: does Crux support full-text search of any kind?


Hey! Good question. We don't have anything built and ready for you to use right now. However you can currently use a custom predicate to do something lightweight that might be usable for small data sets. If you are looking for us to help you with building a Lucene integration it might be worth a chat /cc @U0CJ19XAM


I’m not “in the market” for a custom solution so to speak


so I think I’ll postpone this feature to a later time


No problem. It's good feedback in any case, thanks! Although, to clarify a little on what I was proposing: we already have a rough design for a new crux-lucene module and we could prioritise it for the Crux roadmap (i.e. not a custom solution) if you were in the market for collaboration :)


I am in the market for collaboration if you are interested in building a crux-lucene module 😉

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