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Slack Archive

About Clojurians Log

Welcome to Clojurians Log, a public archive of the Clojurians Slack community, going back all the way to 2015.

We store these messages for posterity, so that the vast amounts of knowledge that are shared there are not lost, but instead are accessible to all, including search engines.

This Clojurians log is an offshoot of ClojureVerse, a Clojure forum run by and for the community. We strongly believe that a strong and healthy community should create and manage its own spaces. ClojureVerse embodies that philosophy.

But the reality is that many conversations are still happening inside Slack's walled garden. Slack serves the community well, but it's also where information goes to die. We try to give all those valuable conversations a new lease on life.

If a channel is not showing up in the logs then make sure you invite @logbot to the channel. While you're at it, you can also invite @zulip-mirror-bot, a bot which mirrors Slack channels to Clojurians Zulip.

The code that powers this site can be found on Github. The main application is written in Clojure, and we warmly welcome contributions. Together we continue to make this a better place.

ClojureVerse and the Clojurians Log are proudly set up and maintained by Gaiwan, the company behind Lambda Island Education and Lambda Island Open Source.

Hosting of the Clojurians Log is provided by Exoscale.