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strange... i just tried with success after downloading: fwiw, here's a checksum i get:

$ sha256sum vscode-cljfmt-1.2.1.vsix 
418a313b53a938d4ff9372205721446d6f0a8bb0f8aafab3b116b0617e4714ed  vscode-cljfmt-1.2.1.vsix


for building, here are the commands i used:

git clone 
cd vscode-cljfmt
git checkout update-deps
npm install
npm run vsix


i guess the checksum may be different depending on when the build is performed...not sure why that might be.


e.g. i just got the following:

$ sha256sum vscode-cljfmt-1.2.1.vsix 
dd39a5b201455904b9347d01e51a36cfbae7a20366a5981ceea3d4fddeb268a6  vscode-cljfmt-1.2.1.vsix


(installation of that vsix worked here too)


regarding the actual installation steps, here is an image of the menu item i used in the vscode ui:


it's the item named "Install from VSIX..." near the bottom in the context menu


i also tried from the command line with:

$ vscodium --install-extension vscode-cljfmt-1.2.1.vsix 
Installing extensions...
(node:129748) [DEP0005] DeprecationWarning: Buffer() is deprecated due to security and usability issues. Please use the Buffer.alloc(), Buffer.allocUnsafe(), or Buffer.from() methods instead.
Extension 'vscode-cljfmt-1.2.1.vsix' was successfully installed.
here vscodium is the local name of an unbranded vscode version. possibly for other cases one would use code or some other name.


regarding the error message "Corrupt ZIP: end of central directory record signature not found" -- it looks like there are a number of reports of this, for example: * *


Thanks, when you share direct link to vsix file, I downloaded it, and it is different than I downloaded myself earlier, and this new one installed successfully. But there are some things which are not so convinient for me - there are only file and selection formatting commands, I cant format current form, I have to select all its text. And I still didnt find out the way how I can customize formatting rules - I have some from Calva-fmt and actually I want to add them to cljfmt, but for now didnt find the way how to do it.


I hate emacs/spacemax. I fought with them during a year, while working in a company, where everybody shoud use them. I tried to customize it, wrote long custom configs, etc. But it still was useless. All my pet projects I wrote in vscode, actually with calva. During several years. 2 years ago I changed the company, and can work in vscode on the work projects too. Though all my coleagues worked in emacs - I fixed indentation rules and in was very convinient. It was happy times, until calva becames worse and worse and becames useless at all (due to strong lsp integration). I had to switch off calva and keep calva fmt only (old version, cause new one doesnt work without calva itself). And for now I'm trying to find a way format clojure code in vscode with custom indentation rules - keeping the invariant that my formatting would be the same as my coleagues one with theirs emacses. But unfortunatelly it is not so easy - old calva-fmt does not keep custom rules, new calva-fmt doesnt work without calva, cljfmt doesnt format forms and also doesnt keep custom rules. Looks like I have to create my own formatter for vscode or switch to unwanted emacs.