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I'm just playing around with VS Code as an alternative to Atom and I'm trying to replicate my Atom/Chlorine setup as much as possible. So far I've installed parinfer (old version, only has indent/paren mode -- no smart mode), paredit, and Clover (the Chlorine variant). I can setup the same keybindings for Clover as for Chlorine (yay!) but now I want to add REBL integration. In Atom, you can add new commands via (writing them in CoffeeScript). Is there a similar option for VS Code, to just write some JS/TypeScript in some sort of init file?


I don't think there is, actually. Was just talking to a friend about that.


So I'd have to create an extension in order to do that? That's... unfortunate...


I'm not sure what it is you need to set up, though, so maybe there are options still. Can you describe?


Clover needs to pick that variable up, right? So, maybe there is some minimum adaption to Clover needed in order to inject a wrapper like that.


@seancorfield if there were any other things you wanted / needed, please share as that can help in guiding some of my efforts 🙂