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@pez while rabbit-holing on this, i noticed that vscode-tree-sitter uses web-tree-sitter ( i'm not confident about this, but it appears that by using web-tree-sitter, vscode-tree-sitter avoids compiling tree sitter c bits for each platform -- instead it uses wasm. do you know if vscode extensions can work with wasm? i came across: and wondered what the status was.


That I haven't investigated.


thanks -- i had assumed using tree sitter would lead to having to compile 3 different binaries for inclusion in an extension or have 3 different extensions. on a related note, i didn't know that this was under consideration: the "when" seems very vague.


@pez i think i got the basic machinery working for vscode-tree-sitter + tree-sitter-clojure.


that's just demo-ing that the tree-sitter info is being employed in some of the highlighting. it's by no means making full use of the obtained info in any sophisticated manner -- just picking out function names and keywords to be colored apart from just using the textmate grammar.