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Noah Moss15:08:14

I'm having a weird issue where parinfer-rust isn't working at all in one specific file/namespace, but works fine in all other files I've tried. It's a .cljc file but I don't think that's an issue issue since it works in other .cljc files. Anyone have any tips for debugging this kind of thing?

Noah Bogart15:08:24

Are there existing errors in the file? It might be struggling to parse the file correctly

Noah Moss15:08:19

Ah, yeah, I figured it out (just found out that you can set a logfile location). There were unbalanced double quotes in a comment which apparently causes an exception to be thrown while parsing. Seems odd that that totally breaks the plugin without explanation

Noah Moss15:08:03

Ah, and that also happens to be the most recently-filed issue:


Later in that conversation, I realized that the problem was an unbalanced double quote in a comment


Seems to be a longstanding issue with parinfer-rust