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Noah Bogart23:07:42

Iā€™m in the process of switching my config over from vimscript to lua and it's surprisingly easy.

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If you do that, can you only use plugins written in lua?


You can use all the plugins


So you can configure plugins written in pure vimscript using lua?

Noah Bogart13:07:53

neovim exposes a lua api that allows for running vimscript code, in addition to loading it natively


You can go further and switch to Fennel šŸ™‚ I did this and I am happy now


The most benifit I get from the ability to change config with repl-like approach with

Noah Bogart13:07:42

I looked into that! Seemed a little more complicated than just transitioning over 1-to-1, so I decided to take it one step at a time


Yes, I had some problems translating all the samples from the readmes of plugins šŸ™‚


I've been using fennel (as a first time Neovim user) and configured a number of plugins, with the help of other repos mentioned in the readme I'm still figuring out which of the very many plugins I actually need šŸ™‚

Noah Bogart12:07:38

@U05254DQM your bootstrapping init.lua looks like exactly what I've been searching for to move my own set up to fennel. Thanks for sharing!


Glad its useful. I picked up much of the more interesting parts of the repository from several peoples repos. Feel free to use what ever you find useful


I'm curious whether anyone with a mostly Lua/fennel config misses the documentation available on VimL files or not? I've migrated to fennel (and back) twice because I miss having docs for configuration vars, options, etc., a quick K away! Did I miss something? Is there a way of having something similar with fennel, or at least Lua?


"\"ayaw:help <C-r>a<CR>"


cmp I don't think I need to explain, with this you have function suggestion in fennel


the latter writes the current word to register a, and later calls help for that word


will give it a try, thank you!