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If I use cpr from within a clj file (shortcut from vim-fireplace) I know the file will re-evaluate and sync the buffer with my running REPL session, I use this all the time. I'm reading in the doc that I should see also running tests? They don't seem to run, so I'm asking what you see. Thanks


From the message, Success: (clojure.test/run-tests 'myprj.myns) it seems it's searching test vars defined in the same namespace. After some experiments, I can see that it only works with tests defined in the same file as the namespace under testing, which is sub optimal for many reasons.


Will continue using as before, cpr shortcut to reload namespaces, tests running in separate tmux pane.

Noah Bogart17:05:53

Do you mean fireplace? Fugitive is the git wrapper


sorry, yes, my bad

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@U054W022G I don't know if it helps, but i have something like autocmd FileType clojure nnoremap <leader>ra :w \|:Eval (do (require 'user) (in-ns 'user) (refresh-all))<cr> with fireplace, to save current buffer and to invoke refresh

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Unrelated, is clj-refactor the only option to get access to refactor-nrepl goodies these days?


I believe that is true.


Looks like there's a decent overlap between that and what I use (clojure-lsp).

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true, thanks, will look into that integration as well


I have the namespace cleaning in replant, but not much else