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My clojure-lsp process takes quite a bit of memory and occasionally gets very heavy on CPU usage. Is that to be expected? Any practical ways to limit how much resources it uses without compromising its functionality too much?


Not really, it actually uses high CPU/mem only during startup to analyze the project


After that it caches for next startups and should not cause that much


Has anyone in Vim land had success incorporating the experimental add-libs from into their workflow? I have an alias in my deps.edn that I'm including when I start my iced repl, and add-libs is available in my app code, but when I try to require ring and start a jetty server, the server responds only with “empty response” errors until I restart the repl and trigger a proper download of all dependencies. I'm sure the problem is entirely between my chair and keyboard, but I'm currently blanking on a solution.


This is how I hotload libraries with add-libs, I use Emacs although this approach should be editor agnostics. Make sure the add-libs dependency is being loaded when initially running the REPL process.


Thanks, I think there's probably something wrong with how I'm bringing it in. I've noticed a ""failed to load the S3TransporterFactory class" warning in the iced stdout buffer that I didn't notice before. I'm trying to understand that better now.