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Noah Bogart16:09:32

@clojurians-slack100 i tried out conjure-macroexpand and it’s cool but it formats the code strangely:

; (clojure.core/macroexpand-1 '(defstep example "asdf" [] (+ 1 1)))
(clojure.core/defn↵ example↵ "asdf"↵ []↵ (engine.steps.step/make-base-step↵  {:continue-step↵   (clojure.core/fn↵    continue-step__21884__auto__↵    [___21885__auto__ game]↵    [true (do (+ 1 1))])}))
any ideas?


Oh, right. I've seen that before, but haven't had time to look into it yet 😓

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Noah Bogart16:09:03

doesn’t actually create linebreaks, just the ↵ character, lol