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Noah Moss17:06:54

Any clean/context-aware solutions for inserting single quotes or backticks if you have auto-pairs installed? I’ve been doing '<esc>lx but it’s getting a bit annoying. Edit: to clarify, single single-quotes or backticks


I configured auto pairs not to pair single quotes or backticks when in a Lisp filetype. (Then I ended up disabling autopairs altogether for Lisp, since it conflicts with parinfer)


Argh, I meant to link to the specific line number. On mobile at the moment. Search for auto pairs and you'll find what I'm talking about :)

Noah Moss18:06:59

found it, thanks! I guess that’s a good enough solution, although maybe I should take a look at parinfer (I’ve been using vim-sexp + auto-pairs so far)

Noah Moss18:06:21

wait, I didn’t realize vim-sexp does automatic paren/bracket pairing too. that’s perfect

Noah Bogart02:06:40

Ctrl-v will send the next character you press without any mappings or plugins, so Ctrl-v ` will input a single backtick.

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I use parinfer-rust.

Noah Moss17:06:46

@U0AHJUHJN cool, thanks, that works well

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