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@liquidz.uo Thanks for the selector option! I added for information to the connection discussion, looks like it could be related to project size. And I also created another dicussion about multiple repl connections:


Hey team, vim newbie here, who set up clojure-lsp + coc + conjure on neovim. One light bug I have: when I hover over syntax errors, I get this very large popover. I am not sure which plugin sets this, or why it’s so darn large. Have you seen this before? If there’s some way I can make above much smaller, would be awesome


this should be clj-kondo, not?


it comes with clojure-lsp. but I don't know why it is that verbose.


Interesting, will look deeper. Thanks Timo!


Hmm that looks like an LSP / CoC thing to me. Not Conjure. I don't have much experience with that side of things I'm afraid 😬

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