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Clark Urzo13:12:13

Hi there. I'm trying to set up Fireplace for cljs but I'm getting the Fireplace: no default ClojureScript REPL error

Clark Urzo13:12:50

I know there's a closed issue on the project repo but i've RTFM and the issue is nowhere to be found

Clark Urzo13:12:03

For reference, it works perfectly on clj files

Braden Shepherdson15:12:30

you're running nrepl and Figwheel in the same REPL?

Braden Shepherdson15:12:03

also I seem to have caused an infinite loop in the background, but I don't know if there's a good way to kill it without killing my whole REPL

Braden Shepherdson15:12:24

I mean, I did an Eval that runs forever.