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Hello, is anyone using fireplace with tpope/vim-repeat? I am trying to use . to repeat the last command eg :Eval but I don’t really know how to do it


in the Readme says to add somthing like this silent! call repeat#set("\<Plug>MyWonderfulMap", v:count)


but I vimscript skills are very poor


@g3o that's not what vim repeat does. It repeats things like "yaf".


my bad, I misunderstood the concept


Does vim-iced auto-indent when printing to iced_stdout? I can't seem to get that behaviour, although from the docs, it seems that's what it's supposed to do.


I've always had that. How are you printing? I'm using <Plug>(iced_print_last).

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Evaluating (println something) will not indent outputs automatically in stdout buffer. Only following commands will do for now. - -


Yep, that's what I was doing wrong, expecting println to indent. Thanks!


I've added SpaceVim to the Clojure aware editors in the Practicalli Clojure book. SpaceVim is a very nice vim experience especially for those new to vim (or people who do not have the time to build their own detailed configuration). In the suggested configuration, I've added clj-kondo as a linter via ALE. Also added a few other layers that should be useful. The Clojure layer uses vim-fireplace and works well, although seems minimal compared to other editors. I would be interested in suggestions on how to improve the Clojure layer or plugins to add. Thanks

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Gleb Posobin19:11:08

Is there a way to make vim show function's arguments when writing the call for it, like emacs does in the minibuffer? When I type (f |) , I want vim to tell me which arguments f takes. Emacs would display (f arg1 arg2) in the minibuffer, with arg1 in bold. I am using fireplace and conjure.


@posobin shougo has a plugin that does that I think


I use CoC as my autocomplete and language server plugin and it does exactly that for almost every language but clojure; sure it has documentation and autocompletion but it doesn't show arguments as you type. I am not sure if deoplete will do it but it's worth the try.


It's independent of deoplete

Gleb Posobin19:11:19

@dominicm Yes, just found it too! Can't make it work yet though.

Jan K20:11:00

Closest thing I know is using omnicomplete (ctrl+x, ctrl+o) with vim-fireplace, which shows arglists + docstring in preview window, but cursor has to be placed at end of the function symbol (in insert mode). Use set completeopt+=menuone so it also works with an exact match.