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Thomas Harned02:10:33

Any spacevim users here? I'm trying it out and I'm running into an error when trying to use the repl commands built into the clojure layer. When I go to start the repl, via SPC l s i I get:

[REPL executable] 'cmd-clj'                                                                                                                   
/bin/bash: cmd-clj: command not found
I have both lein and clj cli tools installed. And I can get the repl to work if I start I lein repl and do cqq in vim. I'd like to get the spacevim clojure layer working, though.


I'm just starting a live broadcast, taking SpaceVim for a test drive as a first time user, I'll by trying out the Clojure layer and seeing how well I can use it. A recording will be made, available at the same link