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Hey all - I'm trying to get vim-iced to work with a cljs project. Anytime I try to connect I get the message:

Missing dependency: refactor-nrepl/refactor-nrepl => 2.5.0
Missing dependency: nrepl/nrepl => 0.7.0
Missing dependency: iced-nrepl/iced-nrepl => 1.0.4
Some dependencies or middlewares are missing. It will be the cause of malfunction.
This is despite those dependencies being specified in both my shadow-cljs.edn file as well as passing them in manually as dependencies via the command line. The functionality is indeed malfunctioning, nearly every command fails. Any suggestions on how to investigate why this failure is happening?


@bendy I think iced ships with a cli you can use to start your project?


@dominicm yeah it's a shadow-cljs project so you need to workaround quite a few things


vim-iced works great for my clojure projects but I gave conjure a try this morning and have been enjoying it


does anyone know if there is a conjure equivalent to "run tests for current namespace"?


or conjure users what your process/worflow is to run tests during development


<prefix>tn should do the trick!


tc is the test under your cursor


See :help conjure-client-clojure-nrepl for the exhaustive list, I think I have one that will run the test file for your current source file too :thinking_face: as in it appends -test if it's not there.


oh awesome, thanks!


I was digging around in :help conjure and there was no mention/indication of this


Looks like there is a second round of docs to dig into though! 😄


Yeah, sorry about that, the notes about the client specific help files are down the bottom, I should shuffle it around to make it more prominent. The divide in the helpfiles is a source of confusion for a few people.


Some things are common to every Conjure client, some things are Clojure specific. I have to split it up or you'll end up with thousands of lines of help where only some of it is relevant 😬


Also see #conjure for more specific chat as well as if you have further questions 🙂


I'll make a note to make the divide in help files more obvious.


Yes not a problem, just thought I'd give the feedback! Thanks for all the hard work let me know if there's any way I can help 🙂


Thanks for the feedback! It's super helpful! Letting me know what I can improve is always a huge help.