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Hello! Is vim-iced a good choice? I've been trying Conjure these few days and before I've used Fireplace. I couldn't find videos showing vim-iced in action. I'm trying to find the best alternative today to what we have in Emacs/Cider... what are your opinions about the current options in Vim world?


I switched from fireplace to iced some time ago. They're pretty similar in usage, except iced is much more feature-rich and it doesn't have the quasi-repl feature of Fireplace. It's also zero-setup if you add iced to your $PATH, as you just have to run iced repl in any Clojure project directory.


Iced also has a very nice stdout_buffer, which allows you to explore output pretty-printed. IIRC, this was more troublesome in fireplace.


Hi @gleisonsilva! I think vim-iced is a good choice and I am using it daily. I was using spacemacs before and vim-iced works good for me. As stated above I am having trouble with parinfer-rust but that seems to not be something a lot of people are experiencing.


I think it's just a known issue, with no known fix yet


There was an issue opened on vim


alright thanks @U09LZR36F