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Has anyone else had issues getting highlighting from vim-clojure-highlight to work with vim-fireplace in Vim 8.1? When I use the latest versions of vim fireplace, it doesn’t seem like the highlighting wants to work. I’m not sure if there is a configuration that I might need to adjust.


To be specific when I say highlighting, I mean the var highlighting. My normal syntax highlighting still works, but any var highlighting does not.

Nir Rubinstein18:02:16

Yup - If I'm not mistaken, fireplace changed to be async and them the extra highlight functionality got lost. No workaround that I know of


I thought there was a fork?


Check the prs


PRs for vim-fireplace or for vim-clojure-highlight?


Found it. This fork of the vim-clojure-highlight works with the recent versions of vim-fireplace and highlights as expected.