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Hey. I'm using neovim (0.3.8) on Ubuntu running on Windows Subsystem for Linux (with vim-fireplace). After staring REPL with lein repl everything works as expected (evaluating code, showing documentation etc.). However I cannot see the stacktrace of last failure. For example I evaluate (/ 2 0) and see ArithmeticException Divide by zero However executing :Stacktrace gives Fireplace: no error available. When I try the same in REPL all works as expected:

user=> (/ 2 0)
ArithmeticException Divide by zero  clojure.lang.Numbers.divide (
user=> *e
#error {
 :cause "Divide by zero"
 [{:type java.lang.ArithmeticException
   :message "Divide by zero"
   :at [clojure.lang.Numbers divide "" 163]}]
 [[clojure.lang.Numbers divide "" 163]
  [clojure.lang.Numbers divide "" 3833]
  [user$eval2208 invokeStatic "form-init3986291133507994793.clj" 1]
  [user$eval2208 invoke "form-init3986291133507994793.clj" 1]
What am I missing here?